web applications

Peak is specialized in automating manual (business) processes.


We provide web applications as digital solutions in order to automate and accelerate the functioning of businesses.


In addition to high quality customization, Peak also offers correct and smooth integrations with existing software applications and third-party systems.


In addition to custom web development, we are always open to freelance assignments.

Custom work

Every project always starts with an extensive functional analysis after the conversation with the customer. This includes mapping out which functionalities are required. We always proactively think along to reach the best possible solution.

The application is being developed with a view to user-friendliness. All interactions are specific and thoughtfully worked out, resulting in smooth user flows. During development, the customer is always aware of the evolution of the project.

Follow-up is also ensured afterwards. The application is tweaked where necessary and changes in customer needs are handled flexibly. In this way we obtain software that grows with the company.


In addition to custom web development, we also do freelance assignments. We provide expertise and support to your business, as well as extensions and adjustments to your existing software.

We always bring you the best solution by means of strong technical knowledge, efficiency and good mutual communication.

This can be a short assignment of a specific duration, but also a long-term collaboration. The work can be done completely remotely or on location.

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Peak /piːk/

at the highest level; top; maximum.

We strive to deliver solutions in which quality, involvement and user-friendliness prevail.


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